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PSPWoord v1.5 is out News

PSPWoord v1.5 is out

PSPWoord v1.5 is out

Published by Yoshi on Jan 13th 2009 Playstation Portable homebrew developer Damiaan Reijnaers has updated the application he created  - a text editor for the Playstation Portable which has the added bonus of allowing users to save the .doc files they create to one of the devs servers rather than clog up their memory stick - called PSPWoord. Version 1.5 is now avalable and the changelog is posted below along with a link to this incredible Word 2003 look-a-like homebrew application:

PSPWoord v1.5 changelog:

- New look when you’re loading or saving a file.
- New servers, first we had 4… now 10!
- Saved .doc files before update will not be lost.



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