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Published by Guru on Jun 17th 2009 Playstation Portable is the new gaming mantra friends. And apart from it, this large screened gaming console from Sony also enables great many PSP downloads without much fuss. I have been a huge fan of this tool with all its great multimedia facilities. There are many sites which help with the PSP downloads, but here I am guarding you against some of them which stake great claims and deliver very little. It is important to distinguish these ‘also-rans’ site from the real biggies offering reliable PSP downloads for movies, music, games, wallpaper and much more.

Before we get into any further details i would like to draw your attention towards a ps3 game explodemon, this is one of the game which is supposed to be mix of several games such as street fighter, half life two, mega man and god knows what not, you can locate further details regarding this game of this page which covers Explodemon Cheats and walkthroughs and probably a question answer session as well. So comming back to our topic regarding psp download sites we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself. I have provided them along with the answers that I deem fit with the help of my relative expertise.

1) What is the download speed?

The PSP download speed is generally very high with authentic websites and they also provide high quality fare.

2) What is the chance of Trojan?

All the sites which are the flash-bang types and offer regular pop-ups only to give a below quality fare, bring in a wide variety of viruses, Trojan, Adware and Spyware each time we try a download.

3) Are the movie downloads as good as DVD’s?

If the sites are reliable, the movie downloads are generally DVD quality. Moreover the Sony PSP has compatibility with the DVD players and also various Media players. I have myself tried downloading many songs and video to my PC and then copying it to my PSP.

4) Do they offer unlimited downloads?

Trustworthy sites take a 35 USD subscription which is a one time membership fee or else they take a monthly fee for PSP downloads. Once you will be through with this, you can avail unlimited downloads. This has been my personal experience over a length of time.

If a site answers all these questions, then you can go ahead with the PSP downloads at a frenzied pace. They do not indulge in peer to peer programs and keep away from tricky pay-per-download variety. Just build your collection and enjoy, much like I have been doing for a long time now.


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