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PSN Update - Use Your Brain

PSN Update - Use Your Brain

Published by MostWanted on Sep 21st 2008 Well, it's back to school time and Sony is showing their school spirit with these two releases which were added to the Playstation Network this week. Get ready to put your thinking cap on, because both of these are considered intellectual video games. Both Sony and D3 Publishers have provided the network with two favorites which are sure to put your grey matter to the test with Cube and PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient. These games are available on the Playstation Store this week and both will retail for $9.99. You can download the games either by PC or your PS3.

Practical Intelligence Quotient is a small quirky 3D puzzle game which was released on UMD last year around the same time. While the game did fairly well over in Japan, it only attracted a very small following here in the United States. It's a very unique experience, in which you manipulate a series of 3D blocks to help guide a trapped citizen to the exit of each level. The game got the unusual title because once you've cleared all 100 levels, your score is determined by several factors, including how long it took you to complete each state. The resulting score is called your PQ, and can be compared with others online to find out just how smart you really are. With the release of this game as a download from the Playstation Store, the small US following the game originally had is sure to take off as more people buy and try it. This way of measuring your intelligence quotient is pretty practical, if you ever find yourself trapped in a 3D world which is made entirely of cubes. At least you'll be able to save yourself before you starve.

Cube is a similar title to Practical Intelligence Quotient, in that you're once again trapped in a trippy 3D world. While PQ has no enemies, Cube has several and this stands to give the game a bit more action oriented focus, while not scaring away fans of puzzle games as well. While the original Cube was plagued with long load times, the downloadable version features almost instantaneous load screens. The game features about 135 levels of abstract goodness, in which you move your cube through varying levels of difficulty. The main goal is to move your cube through these levels, collecting keys as needed and exiting the level before your time runs out. It's a pretty basic concept, but it can be quite addicting.

This week's PSN store update also includes some new content for PS3 owners as well, so if you're interested, be sure and check out the PSN store for more information.



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