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PSP Firmware 5.00 Announced

PSP Firmware 5.00 Announced

Published by overlordror on Oct 4th 2008 A leak at an unnamed French development studio has recently confirmed that official firmware 5.0 is on its way for the PSP. There was little doubt that an update was coming after the PSP-3000 was unveiled, but just how soon will we see 5.0 on the public market? It might be later than you think. Firmware 5.0 is scheduled to include the following features.

- Support for the PSN store. This has been in the works for about as long as the PC has supported the PSN store. The French source suggests that this feature might not include wireless connection to the Playstation Store like some hope, but instead might be used as a portable connection to your online friends list and it might even include trophy support.

- RSS improvements. According to French sources, the new RSS support in the new firmware version will allow it to read text files. You'll be able to take your favorite blogs with you on your PSP, as long as you have WiFi access.

-Integrated Screenshot Capture. Most gamers have been wanting this from day one. It'll let you take screenshots and save them to the Photo folder of your memory stick, letting you upload them to your computer. Now you can capture your favorite PSP moments, without having to hack your PSP.

Currently, there's no official word on the release date, but we expect the new firmware will accompany the PSP-3000 release.


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