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Homebrew on a PSP-3000 Comes at a Price

Homebrew on a PSP-3000 Comes at a Price

Published by Yoshi on Oct 29th 2008 Hackers, frustrated with the unhackability of the new PSP-3000 have found a 'work around' and have managed to run PSP homebrew on their PSP-3000!

Although the PSP-3000 that will run homebrew sounds good, the downside is that you cant use the PSP-3000 screen (aka the Brite screen) as it won't work once you've hacked into the PSP to get that homebrew installed. It isn't that you have to break the screen to get the homebrew running, the screen simply isn't compatible with the PSP Slim CPU which you would need to install in your PSP-3000, just like these hackers from the Philippines have done.

This really isn't a modification to take light heartedly, this is a 'crack it open and see if it works' kind of way to hack a PSP, totally changing over the CPU from the 3000 to a Slim version, as the videos below show:

Of course, the huge selling point of the PSP-3000 is that bright screen so to disable it in order to use Slim PSP compatible homebrew seems a little crazy but, the chance to see a PSP-3000 opened up and to catch a glimpse of homebrew on Sony's latest Playstation Portable is well worth killing the warranty on any new PSP!


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